Gas Engines

Chemical Corporation (UK) Ltd offers advanced, specially formulated high-performance lubricants for a variety of engine technologies, including the latest stationary natural gas engines. We also provide Oil Analysis and an Antifreeze exchange service.

For over 40 years, the Mobil Pegasus Series design goal has been to deliver leading-edge technology resulting in optimum engine life and lower maintenance costs.


The Mobil Pegasus line, formulated and tested in a wide range of operating conditions, in a variety of natural gas engines. The results: Mobil Pegasus is built to last. With the potential to provide longer run time with fewer oil drains — going longer between maintenance outages and shutdowns — doubling or even tripling your drain intervals. At a time when minimizing downtime has never been more crucial.

The Mobil Pegasus product line is comprehensive, and designed to handle a range of gas engine and feed gas types found in today’s energy operations. Backed by extensive builder approvals and proven field performance.

Infinis  - Mobil Pegasus Enhancing Engine Performance
With 121 operating landfill gas-to-energy sites across the UK, Infinis is one of the UK's leading landfill gas to energy generators.  Mobil Pegasus provides Infinis with improved engine performance and cost efficiencies across it's fleet.






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