The Complete Accolade Range of Cleaning Solutions

The Accolade range of cleaning product solutions is a selection of branded, high quality cleaning and chemical products designed for maximum efficiency and outstanding performance across a range of applications.  These products are tried and tested across a wide range of industries and we are proud to have many customer testimonials available.  All Accolade products are available in 5 litre sizes and some are available in 1 litre sizes.  The products are concentrated so can be diluted prior to use and offer tremendous value for money.  Products are supplied with pump tops where relevant.

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Accolade Kemiclean - Alkaline Degreaser

5 Litre

Accolade Kemiclean Super is an alkaline detergent concentrate with degreasing properties.  It is used in heavy industrial cleaning and will clean everything from factory and garage floors to cooker hoods.  It also removes carbon deposits.  It can be used to clean almost any hard surface area such as floors, tiles, concrete, paintwork, walls, worktops and machinery parts.  Dilute up to 100:1. Accolade Kemiclean Super will also remove oil and grease from garage and workshop floors and may be used with scrubbing machines and pressure washers.  Do not use on or near glass as it will etch.


Accolade Spa Clean - Spa/Shower/Jacuzzi Cleaner & Degreaser

5 Litre

Accolade Spa Clean is a clear fragrant liquid designed to remove scale, fat, hair and grime from baths, sinks, showers, pool areas and Jacuzzi baths.  Accolade Spa Clean can be used to remove scum from baths, body fats from shower and spa areas and lime scale from sinks, toilets and shower areas.  The product can also be used to soak shower heads for periodic descaling and sanitising.  It has strong bactericidal properties leaving surfaces germ free.


Accolade Alubrite - Aluminium Cleaner

5 Litre

Accolade Alubrite is specially formulated for cleaning and renovating aluminium bodied commercial vehicles.  Its chemical reaction quickly penetrates to remove road film, corrosion, salt, diesel, smoke and deposits leaving surfaces clean and bright.  Accolade Alubrite may be used on aluminium and galvanised refuse bins, tanks, wire cages etc.

Do not use on windows and glass.


Accolade Algaecide - Moss/Algae and Lichen Remover

5 Litre

Accolade Algaecide is designed to remove fungi, algae, moss and lichen from walls, patios, paths, concrete interlocked pavers, walkways etc.  It is a ready to use formula and kills off spores to prevent regrowth. Accolade Algaecide is also highly effective when used on skylights, windows, roof tiles, slate, marble, metal and plastic cladding.  It may also be used on painted surfaces and untreated wood. To protect marine safety do not use near ponds.


Accolade Descale X - Industrial Strength Descaler

5 Litre

Accolade Descale X is an extra strength, concentrate inhibited acid cleaner and descaler.  It is used extensively in the construction industry to dissolve concrete and mortar from brickwork, masonry and plant.  Accolade Descale X is also used for descaling boilers and removing rust from scaffolding tubes.


Accolade Window Sheen - Glass Cleaner

1 Litre & 5 Litre

Accolade Window Sheen is a general purpose window and glass cleaner and is safe to use on all types of glass, screens, aluminium, acrylic and anodized UPVC.   Accolade Window Sheen is non-flammable and quick drying.  Plastics, vinyl, wood, rubber and woollen pile are unaffected by its advanced formula. It also contains a biocide to kill black mould and has anti-static properties.


Accolade Traffic Film Remover - Traffic Film Remover

1 Litre & 5 Litre

Accolade Traffic Film Remover is used with hot or cold pressure wash equipment for the removal of traffic film, grease, dirt and oil from vehicle bodywork, chassis and engines. Accolade Traffic Film Remover is also highly effective when cleaning garages, paintwork and caravans.  The product can be diluted up to 100-1 with water.


Accolade Auto Wash - Vehicle Wash

1 Litre & 5 Litre

Accolade Autowash is a supreme vehicle shampoo with wax.  Its deep cleaning action will remove stubborn stains and road grime from vehicles.  Petrol and diesel stains, oil and grease marks and squashed insects are all removed effectively leaving bodywork shining.


Accolade Fresh Clean - Multi-Purpose Cleaner

1 Litre & 5 Litre

Accolade Fresh Clean is a multi - purpose cleaner for use in all kitchen areas as well as ceilings, floors, tiles areas and walls.  It can also be used as a glass cleaner.  Accolade Fresh Clean is non-flammable and non-toxic.


Accolade Sparkle - Dish Washing Liquid

1 Litre & 5 Litre

Accolade Sparkle is a scent free, pure liquid detergent suitable for all washing up and the cleaning of worktop areas.  Accolade Sparkle is also very effective at cleaning acrylic baths and basins and is completely biodegradable.


Accolade Sterochem -Antibacterial Cleaner

1 Litre & 5 Litre

Accolade Sterochem is an odourless general purpose antiseptic cleaner. Accolade Sterochem is ideal for use in hospitals, medical centres, clinics, first aid posts and schools as well as food manufacturing and dairy plants. Accolade Sterochem cleans, deodorises and disinfects in one action.  It kills bacteria on contact and will not affect or damage plastics, glass or rubber surfaces.


Accolade Grease Solve - Engine Degreaser


1 Litre & 5 Litre

Accolade Grease Solve is a heavy duty emulsifying degreaser for removing heavier deposits of oil, grease and sludge from engines, chassis, cranes, plant equipment, machine parts and conveyors etc.  Grease Solve may also be used for cleaning oil from workshop and garage floors.  Simply spray or brush onto surface and allow to penetrate for a few minutes.  Agitate stubborn areas if required and then hose off with water or wipe down with a solvent such as paraffin, gas oil, white spirit or kerosene.


Accolade Steridet -Biocidal Cleaner

1 Litre & 5 Litre

Accolade Steridet is a biocidal industrial cleaner and steriliser. Accolade Steridet provides safe but powerful cleaning action and is used in washrooms and bathrooms, nursing homes, catering, food manufacturing and meat processing areas.


Accolade Pearl - Neutral Ph Hand Cleanser

1 Litre & 5 Litre

Accolade Pearl Hand Cleanser is a neutral PH, luxurious, soft pink cream cleanser for hands.  Delicately scented, Accolade Pearl Hand Cleanser is highly effective for the gentle removal of normal soiling leaving hands feeling fresh and soft after washing.


Accolade Safe Clean -Multi-Purpose & Floor Cleaner

1 Litre & 5 Litre

Accolade Safe Clean is a heavy duty, multi-purpose cleaner which is specially formulated to cut through the heaviest deposits of grease and soiling.  Accolade Safe Clean contains antibacterial agents and is safe to use in food preparation areas and on kitchen worktops and all paintwork.  Accolade Safe Clean is also ideal for use in scrubbing machines for the removal of acrylic polishes and floor waxes.  The product is non-flammable and does not contain solvent.

For more information or to order any any Accolade product please contact your account manager or our Customer Services Department on 02920 880222.

Safety Data Sheets for all Accolade products are also available from our Customer Services Department. 



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