Oil Analysis

Chemical Corporation (UK) Ltd provides a first class site survey and used oil analysis service to give customers valuable information regarding the condition of the equipment in use.

Our lubricant engineer Ian Millerchip has undergone extensive training in oil analysis and has a 33 year background in industrial lubricants across numerous business sectors and industrial applications.  He has passed the Lubricant Management & Analysis Course Category One (ISO 18436-4) provided by Alcontrol Laboratories and attends regular training programs with ExxonMobil. He has also completed the Managing Safely course validated by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH).  

Ian is available to visit customer sites, manufacturing and process plants and to offer advice on all issues on-site relating to lubrication, oil analysis, safe storage methods, safe product handling, and rationalisation of the products in use. Inspections like this are invaluable to customers and help to reduce and improve their stock inventory of products used. Customers can build a trend analysis system for all their equipment that can ultimately result in less down time and better productivity

Ian will carry out a free on-site inspection of all the equipment and lubricants being used and will endeavour to rationalise the number of products used.  He will provide you with a written lubricant service plan for each on-site machine and will colour code each machines’ lubrication or grease point with the appropriate information.  Full lubricant analysis is provided whenever applicable or required. As part of our oil analysis service, Ian will provide you proactive maintenance advice to help reduce equipment downtime & increase profitability.  His service also includes the provision of product training and best practice storage solutions and he will arrange annual audits of the system in case of any change of circumstances at the factory or site.

If you would like a confidential discussion or advice relating to oil analysis in the UK please contact our Customer Services Department on 02920 880222.

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