Grease Products

Mobil greases have been designed to perform in a wide variety of operating conditions in both automotive and industrial applications, spanning hot and moist bearings through heavy and shock loads to variable rotational speeds. They are available in a range of viscosity grades to offer you the added choice and flexibility. In addition to the core products available we have speciality greases for high speed bearings, environmental protection, drive gear boxes, food machinery and open gears.

The products are available in various pack sizes ranging from 400g cartridges through to 180 kilos for the larger industrial type users. We can also provide a wide range of air and hand operated grease pumping equipment that can be used to apply the products.

Chemical Corporation can also assist with the compatibility of different types of grease including Lithium, Polyurea, Calcium, Bentone, Lithium Complex, Aluminium Complex, Polymer and Calcium Complex.

Watch Mobil Grease used in manufacturing applications below:

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