Oil Filtration

Product Filtration - Super Clean Products to DIN ISO 4406:99 standards.

The cleanliness levels of Mobil gearbox oil and hydraulic oil products are critical to overall performance levels of machinery and equipment and can be instrumental in offering better equipment protection and increased productivity.

Over the past few years Chemical Corporation (UK) Ltd has worked closely with CC Jensen and PALL Filtration two of the world’s largest filtration experts to develop a product filtration process that ensures super clean products are delivered directly to the gearbox and hydraulic systems every time you undertake a gearbox or hydraulic oil exchange.

Chemical Corporation (UK) Ltd pre filters oil and hydraulic oil products to meet with DIN ISO 4406:99 cleanliness standards, ISO 16/1411 Gear Oil Cleanliness and ISO 17/14/11 Hydraulic Oil Cleanliness levels. Start Clean-Stay Clean!

The product filtration systems at Chemical Corporation (UK) Ltd offer customers better protection for their equipment, reduced downtime during gearbox oil exchanges and increased productivity.

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