Helping you fight the coronavirus

We know that the health and well-being of your staff and customers must remain your top priority in these challenging times and to support you in putting additional public safety measures in place, we've stepped up our PPE and chemical range to include:

• An extensive range of liquid, gel and foaming hand sanitisers to fight the coronavirus

• An extensive range of free standing, wall mounted and tabletop dispensers for hand sanitisers

• A wide range of high grade cleaners and disinfectants for handles, surfaces, floors,  glass, windows, toilets and much more

• A range of disposable face masks and gloves suitable for a wide range of applications

• Sanitising Wipes, Blue Towel, and cleaning cloths and liquid soaps

• Universal barrier and conditioning creams for hands


We also sell:

Liquid Soaps

Pearl Hand Soap - Neutral ph liquid soap for general purpose use.
Hand Care Plus - Orange scented liquid soap with enhanced cleaning properties.
Hand Safe - Food safe hand sterilising liquid soap.
Swoop - General purpose liquid soap dilute with water to thicken.

Hand Cleansing Gels
Hand Gel Super - Red Beaded industrial hand cleaner.
Dylema - Lemon Beaded gentle industrial hand cleaner.
Citra-Sol - Economy Red Beaded hand cleaner.
Clean Hands Special - Creamy paste industrial hand cleaner.
Liga Paste - Hand cleaning paste.

Bar Soaps
Buttermilk Soap - Economy bar soap for general purpose use.
A full range of popular branded bar soaps is always available from stock.

Gojo Hand Care
Gojo Lotion Soap - Lotion soap bag in a box style to fit Gojo dispensers.
Hand Medic - Barrier cream and hand care lotion.
The full range of Gojo products is always available.

Barrier Creams
A full range of barrier creams is carried in stock.

Workshop Wipes
Scrubs, Chemwipes and Enduro wipes are stock items plus various other brands.

Enduro Sanitiser Range
Hand and surface sanitising products suitable for General and Hospital skin sanitising.

This is a small part of our extensive range of hand cleansing products.  Many other solutions are available including biodegradable cleaning solutions.  Please consult our Sales Office on 02920 880222 or your Sales Representative.

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