Cleaning Detergents


Kemiclean Super and Kemiclean Super Lemon - Strong Alkaline hard surface cleaner/degreaser.
Supercleanse - Hard Surface Cleaner.
Fresh Clean - Ready to use Hard Surface floral scented cleaner.
Pine Gel - Natural Pine buffable floor cleaning Gel, dries to a sheen finish.
Lemon Gel – Lemon version of above.
Pine All - Pine Disinfectant.
Floral Disinfectant.
Dermacleanse - high quality pine scented disinfectant.
Black Disinfectant - Strong black disinfectant, turns white when mixed with water.
Bleach Concentrate - standard product 4/5% strength.
Thick Bleach - thixotropic product 2/3% strength.
Bleach Tablets - add to water to make controlled strength solution.
Scale Clean - mild acid toilet bowl and urinal cleaner.
Thick Toilet Cleanse - thixotropic acid toilet bowl and urinal cleaner.
Super Scale - Phosphoric Acid cleaner for stainless steel bowls and urinals.
Sparkle - Washing up liquid, available in various strengths.
Descale - Hydrochloric Acid based for limescale and cement removal, also available as extra strong Descale X.
Etch - combined descaler and degreaser.
Block Breaker - concentrated Sulphuric Acid sink and drain unblocker.
Revite - concentrated carpet shampoo.
Floor Concentrate - high quality concentrated buffable floor cleaning detergent.
Steroflor - floral scented sanitising floor cleaning detergent.
Window Sheen - glass and mirror cleaner.
Sink and Tap - cream cleaner.
Sheen - metallised buffable floor polish.
Beer Line Cleaner - sanitises pipes.
Glass Wash - glass washing machine liquid.
Channel Blocks - urinal blocks.
Bio Blocks - biological urinal blocks keeping scale build-up away PCB free.
OT8 - biological cleaner and oil stain remover for block pavers and concrete.
Bio Catering Fluid and Sachets - keeping drain lines clear and flowing.
Silt Free - silt and mud flocculent for drains.
Porto Free - Chemical Toilet Fluid.
Algaecide - concentrated algae remover for patios, steps and walkways.
Bioclean -multi purpose biological cleaner and deodouriser.
Bio Spray - refuse and waste bin odour control.


SoboGold - super strength cleaner degreaser detergent.
SoboPower - versatile alkaline degreaser and TFR.
KemicleanSuper - high strength alkaline cleaner degreaser, unsurpassed as a cleaner.
Lemsolv - precision cleaning citrus based solvent.
LemsolvIndustrial - heavy duty water rinsable citrus solvent.
New Brick - masonry and brick acid cleaner.
DescaleX - super strength version of Descale.
Steel Brite -phosphoric acid de-rusting agent.
CT33 - de-carbonising dip.
Forecourt Bio - biological forecourt cleaner.
Bio TA - biological oil stain remover for tarmac and asphalt.


TFR - non-caustic economy traffic film remover.
Power Plus - quality traffic film remover.
Autowash - vehicle shampoo.
Alubrite - aluminium restorer.
Grease Solve - ready to use engine degreaser.
Tar Off - tar remover.
StemeX - steam cleaning detergent.
Fast Wax - high shine wax polish.
Screen Wash Additive - all season protection.

Food Manufacture

Steridet - high foaming neutral all-purpose sterilising detergent.
Sterochem - high strength quat. Sterilising agent.
SteroHD - slightly alkaline residual sterilising compound.
KemicleanSuper - high strength hard surface cleaner, self sterilising at 2% dilution.
Safe Clean Bactericidal - sterilising hard surface cleaner.
Combat - pressure washing sterilising detergent available in pink or blue with change sterilising agents.
Oven Gel - carbon removal for industrial ovens.
Oven Care - very strong caustic de-carboniser for ovens.
Anti BakPro - ready to use food area instant steriliser.
Anti BakResidual - mist or fogging compound for whole room treatment.
Anti Bak Wipes FG - cleaning/sterilising wipes for food preparation surfaces.
Anti Bak Powder FG - economical powder for making deep cleaning solutions, available as powder or as sachets.
Anti BakTablets - just add one tablet to the sprayer provided and you are ready to clean and sterilise any surface.
Anti Bak- products kill 99.9999% of E-coli, salmonella, pseudomonas and MRSA and has international approvals for control of listeria, novovirus, and swine flu H1N1
Grease Control Liquid - biologically active to keep grease traps and drain lines free of grease and fat, also available as a powder in satchets.

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