Antifreeze Exchange Service

In addition to providing power generation customers with Mobil Pegasus Engine Oil range, Chemical Corporation (UK) Ltd has now introduced a clean and efficient antifreeze exchange service. The replacement antifreeze products are pre-diluted ready for use and are delivered in 1000 litre IBC’s directly to the customer’s site.

Used antifreeze product is removed from the cooling system using specialist pumping equipment and taken away for proper disposal through a registered waste treatment plant. The engines’ cooling system is then re-filled using a dedicated meter and delivery pump system.

Benefits to the customer:

  • A fast and reliable antifreeze exchange system
  • 600 litre exchanges take up to 1.5 hours to complete
  • Reduced risk of spillage and mess
  • Less downtime of equipment
  • The supply of high quality ready to use pre-mixed products
  • A metered delivery of new product back into the engine cooling system
  • Auditable removal of the used products from site after each service
  • Disposal of the waste products through an authorised waste disposal company
  • Waste disposal certificates provided on completion of each job


Download the PDF to the upper right hand side of this page for full details of the service.


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