Plastics components manufacturers rely on equipment to deliver quality production, unit after unit. Whether components are made in large, uniform quantities or short runs, we have the lubricant technology tailored to your equipment needs to help keep your operation running efficiently so you remain competitive.

We offer a full suite of plastics manufacturing lubricants for all the machines in your plant including industry leading hydraulic oils.  In addition to this we offer a range of analytic programs supported by trained sales representatives and Mobil technical support. Our Mobil™-branded industrial lubricants and support systems help to keep your plastics business productive and lower your total cost of operation.

Watch The Mobil DTE 10 Excel Hydraulic Oil video below:

Mobil-branded industrial lubricants are supported by extensive equipment builder approvals. For example, Mobil DTE™ 20 Series hydraulic oils are well known and recognized in the industry for their keep-clean performance and durability, and have helped deliver significant savings for customers through long oil life.  Mobil-branded industrial lubricants include gear and compressor oils, metalworking fluids and greases and our line-up for plastics manufacturing includes:

• Mobil DTE 10 Excel™ Series ground breaking performance for hydraulic systems

• Mobil DTE™ 20 Series proven performance for hydraulic systems

• Mobilith SHC™ Series synthetic greases for demanding applications

• Mobil Rarus SHC™ 1020 Series  synthetic oils for air compressors

• Mobil SHC™ 600 Series  synthetic circulating and gear oils for critical applications

• Mobilgear SHC™ XMP Series high-performance synthetic oil for gears

• Mobil Polyrex™ EM premium grease for electric motor bearings

• Mobil™ Metal Removal & EDM Fluids for mould making operations

• Mobil SHC Cibus™ 46 food-grade machinery oils

Watch the Mobil SHC Rarus video below:


We provide state of the art Oil Analysis to monitor manufacturing lubricant and equipment conditions.  This helps increase equipment life and reliability thereby reducing maintenance costs. Our Oil Analysis service provides you with the knowledge you need to better understand your company’s lubricants and equipment status and is specifically tailored for the plastics industry to gauge critical indicators in used oil.

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