07 March 2022

Company director, Jeremy Oldham retires from Chemical Corporation (UK) Ltd after 38 years

Company director Jeremy Oldham has retired from Chemical Corporation after 38 years.  

Jerry has been with the company since it was formed in 1983, and during this time he has driven the length and breadth of the UK managing and supporting our key accounts.

Alan Barham, Chairman of Chemical Corporation said “Jerry has been a valued member of our team since day one and I would like to thank him personally for his hard work and dedication to the company, his contribution will never be forgotten.”

We are sure there is a long list of jobs at home waiting for Jerry to complete  - that’s if there’s any time left after taking his boxer dog Poppy for long walks, or when he’s not on his allotment!

Best wishes and good luck on your well-deserved retirement Jerry, from all your friends and colleagues at Chemical Corporation.