05 August 2020

A special thank you to the NHS in Glamorgan on Thursday, the 20th of August 2020.

The special event taking place at the Barry Island Pleasure Park to honour NHS and care home staff across Glamorgan is gathering pace.  

We now have 1000 people registered to attend.  

The event, organised by Chemical Corporation (UK) Ltd and sponsored by Henry Danter, owner of the Barry Island Pleasure Park, is a gesture to thank NHS staff for their sterling effort during the Covid 19 crisis and beyond.

We will be showcasing various products for use in the fight against the coronavirus.  The event which takes place between 12pm-7pm, is by invitation only. A number of Welsh International Rugby players and various government dignitaries will be attending.

If you’re a member of the NHS or care home staff in Glamorgan you can book your place at: