07 November 2016

UK snowfall causes travel chaos as two inches blanket parts of country

Snow is causing chaos on the roads as the UK braces itself for a freezing winter.  Two inches of the white stuff left motorists stuck in parts of northern England and Scotland with more snow forecast to fall tomorrow and Wednesday.

Polar Vortex winds are to blame for the onset of harsh wintry conditions ahead of what the Met Office is warning could be the chilliest winters on record. The UK's national weather service said fog will form tonight in some parts, while the north faced more snowfalls tomorrow and chilly, brisk winds in the days to come. Mark Wilson of the Met Office said: "It is restricted to the higher ground and is not looking like it will fall to lower levels."

Picture copyright and courtesy of The Mirror

In Cumbria, snow triggered some nasty prangs as cars slid off the roads along the county's A689 road. Forecasters predict temperatures will drop below average compared to previous years over the next three months. After the recent balmy winters of the last few years, including the third warmest winter in 106 years, the chill in the air could take many by surprise.

The Met Office is even briefing the Cabinet Office, emergency services, transport bosses and councils that November to January will see below average temperatures. Weathermen have predicted the high-altitude winds- which spin around the North Pole and keep cold air trapped in the Arctic- could weaken, allowing Polar air to plunge south and chill Britain. When this happened in 2010 temperatures fell to -16C in Wales and in 2009 temperatures fell below -16C in Scotland when the Polar chill came south.

Source:  MSN

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